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In addition to our Methadone and Suboxone programs we offer a variety of ancillary services to support treatment and healing.

  • Addiction Counselling

    We offer access to individual and group counselling for youth, adults and family members. Options could be discussed with your treatment and recovery team.

  • Traditional First Nations Counsellor Support

    We provide information and support to link you up First Nations support and other specialize options that can assist in your treatment and recovery. We also offer support services to make sure you have follow-up treatment options in your community, where available. We can create tailored treatment plans that offer cultural support.

  • Medicine Man and Elders Support

    In addition to our individualized counselling support services we offer information for traditional healers and spiritual leaders who can help in your First Nations community. A medicine man or medicine woman, or even Elders Support, can offer spiritual healing. Options could be discussed with your treatment and recovery team.

  • Psychiatry Services

    Professional psychiatry services may be accessible. Options would be made available by your treatment and recovery team.

  • Ontario Works Contact Support

    Assistance and support with the Ontario Works program may be available to those who qualify. Options could be discussed with your treatment and recovery team.

  • Child Protection Services Support

    Assistance and support with the child protection services may be available to those who qualify. Options could be discussed with your treatment and recovery team.

Collaboration of Land-based Programming

Northwood Recovery is proud to collaborate with community agencies and provide land-based programs.

Land-based healing is dedicated to promoting and reinforcing community wellness by providing space, resources and programming that help families and individuals throughout their healing process. Those participating in land-based activities are provided a safe and empowering environment for men and women to share knowledge, engage with one another, and to be given the chance to live the traditional experience.

Be a part of our journey and reconnect with nature and yourself. You will be guided by our Natural Helpers down this healing path to recovery. Participants will have many opportunities to different workshops and one-on-one counselling.

These programs and workshops include the following;

  • Cultural therapy activities such as ceremonies
  • Sessions on cultural teachings
  • Traditional language
  • Cultural activities such as hunting, gathering plants for medicines, crafts and other activities on the land.

Who or what is a Natural Helper?

A Natural Helper is an Indigenous individual whom has a solid record of accomplishment of ethical conduct supported by references, recognition by others as a healer, experience and respect in the community, and a history of successful recovery.

The Natural Helper is usually warm and has a gentleness about them, is very honest and open-minded, has an unmistakable positive energy and the knowledge of and usually leads or participates in ceremonies.

You are the one making the changes. Northwood Recovery is here to support you improve the quality of your life.

We have a reputation for running a caring and non-judgemental atmosphere. Our goal is to help you lead a life without substance use. You may want to restart school and work, reconnect your family, and bring back hope. Northwood Recovery understands each person has a unique and personal goals. That means working hard to get you free of substances and safely off methadone or suboxone.

Need Assistance? We’re here to help.

Northwood Recovery is located at the BACK of 80 Elm Street in Downtown Sudbury.
We also have various Access Points in communities around Northern Ontario.